Shoespiracy is a short documentary which sheds light on a ‘shoe-shaped’ public health scandal. This feet-first short documentary is set to challenge the way you think about the effects your footwear is having on your feet, and your overall health.

This short documentary was made by VIVOBAREFOOT and Fable Films, to capture the professional opinions of some of the leading shoemakers, medics, bio-mechanists and researchers in the barefoot-related sciences to make this conventional-wisdom busting short about how modern shoes are contributing to poor foot health. It takes viewers on a journey, which begins with your feet and the origins of functional footwear. Fast forward to the 1970s jogging boom and the birth of fancy underfoot technology, that would balloon into a multi-billion-dollar sneaker industry that we all know today.

But is all that cushioning and support actually doing us more harm than good? As feet become weaker and more bent out of shape than ever, we are paying the price. With chronic foot pain common amongst many in the western world and mobility at an all-time low, conventional heeled, padded and ‘supportive’ shoes are a big part of the problem and it’s time we all knew the truth. 

That there is a 20 billion pair a year, silent public health scandal afoot, and its shoe shaped!


So who are we? VIVOBAREFOOT are a leading global barefoot footwear company, we make shoes that allow your feet to do their natural thing. Our ultra-thin soles allow you to reconnect your feet with your brains and the world around you. We believe healthy natural movement is based on sensory feedback from the feet to the brain and that this is the best anti-ageing programme known to humans. We believe that your feet work perfectly without padding, Orthotics and cushioning. We made Shoespiracy as a public service message, to get people thinking about their feet, how they use them & ultimately to think twice about what shoes they buy.